О компании

Atop Technologies

Компания Atop была основана более 25 лет тому назад на Тайване, и за прошедшее время вошла в число ведущих разработчиков и изготовителей промышленного сетевого оборудования и систем автоматизации учета складских позиций. Компания предлагает как типовые, так и индивидуализированные решения, и благодаря своему стремлению к инновациям заслужила репутацию первоклассного поставщика среди заказчиков из различных отраслей.

Our Range

From the resources that power our industries to the transportation that moves our commodities, Atop is experienced in dealing with numerous industry sectors, and at every level, to provide operations solutions for automation and processing.

Industrial Networking & Computing

From embedded edge computers to ethernet switches, our range provides the flexibility and scalability needed for automating and growing your operations.

Pick to Light System

Our range includes wireless, pick-by-graph, and zoneless systems for processing applications in numerous industries.

OEM Services & Contract Manufacturing

If you're looking to develop your concept further or to have it put into production, then we can help.

Our Experience

At Atop we take the time to discuss your needs. It helps us to understand your challenges and to anticipate your needs for the future as you grow. And with our engineers being skilled in hardware, firmware, and software design, we offer great customization capabilities and reliable implementations.


Experts in hardware and software integration, we produce robust, reliable devices.


With over 25 years experience, we a have a history of innovation and engineering solutions for the future. If you want to learn more, click here »


With locations across the world, you can be sure to receive world-class service.