Política de garantía

Warranty Conditions

Products supplied by ATOP Technologies Inc. are covered in this warranty for sub-standard performance or defective workmanship. The warranty is not, however, extended to goods damaged in the following circumstances:

(a) Excessive forces or impacts
(b) War or an Act of God: wind storm, fire, flood, electric shock, earthquake
(c) Use of unqualified power supply, connectors, or maintenance procedure
(d) Replacement with unauthorized parts


RMA and Shipping Costs Reimbursed

Customers shall always obtain an authorized “RMA” number from ATOP before shipping the goods to be repaired to ATOP. When in normal use, a sold product shall be replaced with a new one within 3 months after purchase. The shipping cost from the customer to ATOP will be reimbursed by ATOP.

After 3 months and still within the warranty period, it is up to ATOP whether to replace the unit with a new one, normally, as long as a product is under warranty, all parts and labour are free of charge to the customers.

After the warranty period, the customer shall cover the cost for parts and labour.

Three months after purchase, the shipping cost from the customer to ATOP will not be reimbursed, but the shipping cost from ATOP to the customer will be paid by ATOP.


Limited Liability

ATOP shall not be held responsible for any consequential losses from using ATOP’ product.

Warranty of product:

Product CategoriesWarranty
Ethernet Switches5 Years
Wireless5 Years
Serial Device Servers5 Years
Modbus Gateways5 Years
Embedded Device Servers5 Years
DIN-Rail Power Supplies3 Years
Power adaptors1 Year
Antennas1 Year
Transceivers1 Year
Other Accessories1 Year