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5月 17, 2022

Developing new technologies for the vehicle of tomorrow

Automated driving is one of the key application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). New mobility, e-mobility, automotive software connectivity and every other technology that enables connected and automated driving count on advanced technology and high automation.

Autonomous vehicles use artificial intelligence systems, which employ machine-learning techniques to collect, analyse and transfer data, in order to make decisions that in conventional cars are taken by humans.

This means that, to process this vast amount of data, companies developing autonomous vehicles (AV) systems rely heavily on AI, in the form of machine learning and deep learning, integrating the latest technologies, hardware and software for time- and cost-optimized development.


Efficient distribution of measurement data

AV are equipped with multiple sensors, such as cameras, radars and lidars, which help them better understand the surroundings and in path planning. These sensors generate a massive amount of data that need to be collected, processed and analyzed.

Ethernet technology is particularly suitable for the efficient and high-bandwidth distribution of this huge amounts of data in the vehicle, as it allows the synchronization of time over the network, as well as the routing and conversion of data.


ATOP solutions for test vehicles

The test set-up covers topics from the initial decoupling of raw sensor data at the front end, to the time-synchronous and reliable distribution of raw sensor data, the on-board analysis of the sensor data stream, to the recording of data-on-data center class storage solutions.

ATOP provides for high-performance and high-bandwidth switches with maximum measurement technology that also guarantee time synchronization, so the whole system has the capability of being time synchronized, starting at the sensors, ending at storage.

An example? EHG7520 allows the conversion of sensor data from vehicle-specific automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1), as is of great importance both in the vehicle and in test setups.

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