2月 9, 2023

Enhancing life quality and security by a connected surveillance system



Smart City



Modern cities, however well planned in advance, undergo constant renovation and construction. Smart city networks, therefore, must support both old and new technologies. Video surveillance is a very helpful tool to advance public safety and quality of life, and connecting this data to front-line law enforcement further heightens its efficiency. In this case, ATOP helped build the surveillance network in a major smart city that has seen many technological improvements since the past two decades.



Cameras around the city may be standard, full-HD, or have night vision, so the video data is in different formats and sizes. To transmit the videos back to precinct stations, network connections may be fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, fiber, and even wireless. Data will be centrally kept and synced to a central location.

The network system must be able to manage large amounts of data, with minimal downtime in the case of a link failure. Since deployment points are in a broad variety of temperatures and environments, rugged hardware and strict EMC standards are necessary to ensure stable and safe operations.



ATOP’s EHG7512-8PoE-4SFP is the ideal solution for this project. The full EHG7512 series are certified for strict environmental safety standards including UL, FCC, and NEMA TS2. Wide operation temperature from -40°C to +70°C allows high performance in any environment or weather. With Layer 2 switching and dual-rate connections, the switches transmit video data from numerous city points quickly and efficiently through both legacy and newly constructed technology, regardless of the connection media.

PoE models for the series support standard IEEE 802.3at 30W PoE/PoE+ per port, supplying multiple PoE cameras of various types and simplifying installation for the widely deployed surveillance system. Finally, cybersecurity features like user account, password policy, and authentication interface management safeguard sensitive surveillance data, making sure that it is accessible only by the right people.



Modern smart cities are built up through stable, manageable, and flexible networks. Our partner was able to realize a highly performing, competitive and tailored system, with advanced features that allow for a significant reduction in maintenance, high productivity, flexibility, and energy conservation.



Leading SI & OEM partner in security and surveillance, located in western India.



EHG7512-8PoE-4SFP, 300Pcs

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