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10月 20, 2022

ATOP 5G solution for Industry 4.0

The 5G mobile communications standard is the basic framework for Industry 4.0. Productions rely on 5G to become truly digital, mobile and autonomous.

Built with futureproof wireless communication and IIoT in mind, ATOP’s CWR Industrial 5G-NR & Wi-Fi Mesh Router integrates a 5G module with IEEE802.11ac Wave-2 capability and support for 2×2 concurrent MUMIMO RF, as well as an industrial-grade quad-core A7 ARM CPU that provides the processing power to handle heavy traffic through firewalls, routing, forwarding, and filter security measures. The dual SIM configuration and hot-swappable design supports seamless 5G/4G connectivity.

FUENF-G, an initiative focused on illuminating the application potential of 5G in industry and in companies in a holistic and cross-sector manner, has listed CWR5805 as one of the 5G highlights to see in the coming SPS 2022 trade fair. Take a look at what they have to say (German), and remember to meet us at the fair for additional insights on our 5G solutions and more!