4月 10, 2024

Flash roaming: Reliable connectivity for industrial operations

In today's cutting-edge industrial facilities and massive sites, seamless wireless connectivity is essential for enabling efficient operations with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and IoT devices. However, providing uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage across these large and complex environments can be challenging with traditional roaming methods.

As devices transition between access points, conventional Wi-Fi roaming technology may experience disruptions and packet loss. But with ATOP’s advanced Flash Roaming, connectivity is maintained without skipping a beat.

Flash Roaming establishes a connection to the new access point before disassociating from the original one, ensuring ultra-fast roaming times of under 5ms on the 5GHz band and under 25ms on 2.4GHz. AGVs and industrial mobile equipment can thus move freely between areas while staying continuously connected.

By preventing delays, dropouts, and communication lapses, Flash Roaming enables true mobility for industrial operations. AGVs reliably receive navigation updates, surveillance videos stream continuously for remote monitoring, and large data transfers complete without disruption. Manufacturing, logistics, mining, and other inndustries can realize the full potential of wireless automation.

See our new video for a more in-depth look at Flash Roaming, including a live demo. Or visit the AW5601 Industrial Wireless Access Point product page to explore full specifications. To discuss implementing this innovative solution in your facility, reach out to our experts today.


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