NSG3309 Series

9-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with NAT

  • Comprehensive Connectivity
    • 9 x GbE (including optional 2 x Gbps SFP ports)
    • Configurable WAN/LAN ports
  • Secured NAT Switch
    • 1:1 NAT
    • Virtual NAT
    • IP Masquerade
    • DMZ
  • Industrial Certifications
    • CE/FCC/UL
    • DNVGL
    • RoHS & other certifications
  • Secured & Trusted Network
    • Secure industrial network design based on IEC62443
    • Access Control with IPv4/MAC ACL
    • Network Monitoring with Port Mirroring
    • 1 x SD Card slot for configuration backup/restore and syslog recording
  • Compact & Robust Enclosure
    • Dimensions (mm): 45/60 x 110 x 89.6
    • Operating temp. from -40°C to +70°C
    • Ambient Relative Humidity from 5% to 95%
    • 12 - 48VDC-Dual input
NSG3309 Series

The NSG3309 Series are compact 9-port NAT switches, equipped with 7 or 9 GbE RJ-45 ports and up to 2 Gbps SFP Fiber links. With configurable WAN/LAN ports and NAT features, accessibility for internal resources is fully controlled and protected. And combined with RSTP support, rings can be set up on both WAN and LAN side for full network redundancy.

Furthermore, this switch series’ IP30 metal enclosure, slim and flat shape and DIN rail mountable housing allows easy deployment in harsh environments. And being compliant with IEC62443-4-2 and IEC62443-4-1, they achieve both product security features and requirements for secure development life-cycle.

With these industrial-grade features, NSG3309 switches are ideal to be positioned as a proxy at the edge of networks.

Embedded SD Card Slot: Automatically backup configurations
periodically for use as the start-up configuration in the next booting. Recorded syslog can be saved in the SD card as well.

Virtual LAN: Divide local networks with 802.1q tagging to enhance data security and network efficiency.

Integrated NAT: Network deployment made simple with full NAT modes including 1:1 NAT, Virtual NAT, IP Masquerade, and DMZ.

Access Control: MAC/IPv4-based ACL is supported for LAN control.

Multi-Admin: Multiple Admin accounts with read-&-write or read-only access.

IEC62443: Development based on IEC 62443-4-1 and compliant with IEC 62443-4-2 to meet industrial network security standards.


Flexibility with Configurable WAN/LAN

NSG3309 series’ RJ-45 GbE ports can be configured as LAN or WAN ports. With built-in NAT functions, an extra router is not required for access between interior and exterior networks.

1:1 NAT

Establish WAN to LAN communication initiating from either side. Each LAN device is allocated a dedicated IP address from the external network, without the need of extra configuration on a router/gateway, and regardless of protocols.

Virtual NAT

Virtual NAT combines 1:1 NAT and virtual routing mechanisms. With 1:1 NAT, each external IP will be mapped to a virtual IP, and with this virtual IP, a virtual route will be created for accessibility to the LAN servers.

IP Masquerade

NSG3309 Series can act as a network proxy, allowing access of different LAN servers via a single external IP address with different TCP/UDP ports.


Isolate specific LAN servers in the DMZ network to allow access from the external network while keeping the internal network secured.

WAN & LAN Backup

The NSG3309 series are equipped with configurable WAN/LAN ports. For WAN backup, integrate switch into an RSTP ring with 2 WAN ports connecting to 2 different uplinks. As a result, the redundant uplink will take over when the main uplink router fails. Simultaneously, RSTP allows for redundant topology on the LAN side to ensure network continuity.


HousingIP30 SPCC, Black
Dimension (W x H x D)60 x 110 x 89.6 mm for NSG3309 Series
45.3 x 110 x 89.6 mm for NSG3308 Series
Weight 400g (0.88lb)
Installation DIN-Rail mount / Wall mount (optional kit)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (Non-condensing test @ 55°C)
Input Voltage 12 - 48VDC-Dual input
Input CurrentMax. 1.0 A
Connector 1 x 7-Pin 5.08mm Lockable Terminal Blocks for Power Input
Reverse Polarity ProtectionY
Web Interface HTTP, HTTPS
SNMP SNMPv1/v2c/v3, SNMP Trap/Inform
SNMP MIBRFC1213, Ethernet-like MIB, IF MIB, LLDP MIB
DHCP Support DHCP Server (port-based), DHCP Client
Configuration backup periodically to SD card
Diagnostics UtilitiesRMON History, Port Mirror
Time Synchronization
Network Time Sync. NTP Server/Client, SNTP
Access Control List MAC, IPv4
Max. Number of VLAN4KB
VLAN ID2 (Optional)
VLAN TypeManagement VLAN
Port-Based VLAN
802.1q Tag-Based VLAN
1:1 NAT
Virtual NATY
IP Masquerading Y
Port ForwardingY
Ethernet StandardsIEEE 802.3 for 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u for 100Base-T(X)
IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT
IEEE 802.3z for 1000BaseX
IEEE 802.3x for Flow Control, back pressure flow control IEEE 802.1d-2004 for
Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1w for Rapid STP
IEEE 802.1s for Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1q for VLAN Tagging
IEEE 802.1p for Class of Service
IEEE 802.3az for Energy Efficient Ethernet
IEEE 802.1AB for LLDP
IP Version IPv4
NAT Throughput 100 Mbps
Switching Capacity18 Gbps
Switching Fabric
13.39 Mpps
Packet Buffer Size2 Mb
MAC Table Size16K
Jumbo Frame10 KB
RJ45 Ports7 x 10/100/1000BASE-T(X) for NSG3309-2SFP; 9 x 10/100/1000BASE-T(X) for NSG3309
Fiber Optics Ports2 x Gb FX SFP slots for SFP models
LED Indicators1 x P1 & P2, 1 x Alarm, 1 x SFP1 & SFP2, 1 x LAN Ports
Relay Output1 x Relay Output (24V/1A) with current carrying capacity of 1A @ 24 VDC
SD-Card Slot1 x on Din-Rail side
Button1 x Factory Reset
IEC 61000-4-2 ESDContact Discharge±6KV3B
IEC 61000-4-2 ESDAir Discharge±8KV3B
IEC 61000-4-3 RS80-1000MHz10(V/m)3A
IEC 61000-4-3RS1.4-6.0GHz 3(V/m)3(V/m)2A
IEC 61000-4-4 EFTDC Power Port±2.0KV3B
IEC 61000-4-4EFTSignal Port ±1.0KV±1.0KV3B
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeDC Power PortLine-to-Line ±1.0KV3B
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeDC Power PortLine-to-Earth ±2.0KV3B
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeSignal PortLine-to-Earth ±2.0KV3B
IEC 61000-4-6CS0.15-80MHz 10V rms3A
IEC 61000-4-8 PFMFEnclosure30A/m4A
SafetyUL 61010-1/-2-201
IEC 61010-1, EN 61010-1
IEC 61010-2-201, EN IEC 61010-2-201
EMIFCC: Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
EMICE: EN 55032,
EN 61000-6-4,
EN 61000-3-2 / EN 61000-3-3
EMSCE: EN 55035, EN 61000-6-2


Model Name Part NumberDescription
SDR-75-24 50500752240001G75W/3.2A DIN-Rail 24VDC power supply 88 to 264VAC/124 to 370VDC input
AXGD-5854-0513 522AXGD5854001GSFP Transceiver, 1250Mbps, 850nm, Multi-mode, 550m, 3.3V, -40 to +85°C, DDMI
AXGD-1354-0523 522AXGD1354001GSFP Transceiver, 1250Mbps, 1310nm, Multi-mode, 2km, 3.3V, -40 to +85°C, DDMI
AXGD-1354-0533 522AXGD1354011GSFP Transceiver, 1250Mbps, 1310nm, Single-mode, 10km, 3.3V, -40 to +85°C, DDMI
AXGD-3354-0593 I522AXGD3354001GSFP Transceiver, 1250Mbps, 1310nm, Single-mode, 40km, 3.3V, -40 to +85°C, DDMI
Model Name Part NumberRJ-45 (10/100/1000 BASE-T)SFP (1000FX)NAT ThroughputInput Power
NSG33091P1NSG33090001G 9-100 Mbps12-48VDC Dual input
NSG3309-2SFP1P1NSG33090002G72100 Mbps12-48VDC Dual input


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.14 NSG3309 Firmware 2022-10-21 14.09 MB


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.5 Datasheet EN 2023-10-02 413.56 KB
v1.4 Datasheet EN 2023-06-21 411.94 KB
v1.3 Datasheet EN 2022-10-26 506.2 KB


Version Name Time Size Download
v0.3 NSG3309 User Manual 2022-10-21 2.62 MB

Hardware Installation Guide

Version Name Time Size Download
v0.1 NSG3309 Hardware Installation guide 2022-10-21 648.8 KB

STP/DXF drawings

Version Name Time Size Download
NSG3309 STP 2022-10-21 30.93 MB

Test reports

Version Name Time Size Download
CB Test Report 2022-10-21 17.54 MB
CE Test Report 2022-10-21 8.14 MB
FCC Test Report 2022-10-21 3.1 MB
UL Test Report 2022-10-21 20.87 MB

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