How to achieve a strong Industrial Network Security

We care for your business, preventing security risks and protecting your sensitive data in compliance with IEC 62443 standards.


Our Network Management Utility is the latest software designed by ATOP to simplify your network configuration and maintenance experience. It is a very user friendly platform through which you can manage all of the devices connected to your network by the help of dashboards and event management features.

Our custom product solution for your everyday needs

As we take care of both your hardware and software needs, we have created a simple and comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK), which is very useful in easily implementing applications on ATOP’s platforms

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IoT & Cybersecurity: ultimate solutions for a cybersecure industry 4.0

ATOP is proud to announce his participation in the development, providing all the hardware components, of a4GATE, successfully implemented across the IMA Group in partnership with Applied (Italy) and Terafence (Israel).

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The Urgency to Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision.

Faced with a range of obstacles, from slowing budget growth to dissatisfied boards, business and security leaders are being challenged to change the way they approach cybersecurity and risk.

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Efficient and safe road traffic solutions in harsh environments.

Learn how ATOP is contributing to enhance road transport safety, designing and implementing tailor made solutions for one of the largest projects in the Norwegian history.

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Building a smart city

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach more than 9 billion, and two-thirds of all those people will live in cities. But what kind of cities will they inhabit? They will be ‘smart’ cities, transformed and improved by new technology.

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