Connections drive the world in which we live. And within industrial environments, having the right connections is vital. Connections between the network, devices and machines. Connections with industry experts and partners you can trust.


It’s about adding value at all stages to give you the flexibility and agility you need to meet specific project requirements. We’re more than a manufacturer:


We deliver ready-made and tailored industrial solutions, built to withstand the demands of the industry and to satisfy customers requirements.


More than 90 engineers and our own manufacturing facility at your disposal for helping you face the business challenges of your industry.


30+ years’ experience, an international and extremely lean corporate structure, are the lifeblood of our constant spirit of innovation.

Vision & Mission

Making the right connection


In delivering the right connection, it’s experience and competence that make the difference. Since more than 30 years we have been pioneering Industrial Networking in many industry verticals, collecting successes in with countless industrial applications, machine builders, power substations, railways and smart cities.


More than 90 experienced hardware, software and testing engineers in five different R&D centers design relentlessly reliable solutions to meet the demands of the future.


Industrial Cybersecurity is nowadays at the basis of our proposal and are able to develop solutions that guarantee a high and certified level of safety as we have undertaken  company and product certifications processes in this sense.


Internal manufacturing, research and development activities are our core principles that allow us to  keep product quality as the highest priority and to obtain an effective process of technological innovation of the devices.


Our international yet extremely lean corporate structure allows us to answer promptly to the requests that come worldwide, whether for sales, services or support.

Milestones & turning points

Company history


ATOP is founded by senior researchers from National Chiao Tung University in the newly-established Hsinchu Science Industrial Park.

Business starts with the development of a first-generation 8-bit Shop Floor Control network, later awarded “1992 Innovation Product” by the Science Park Authority.

1994 - 1998

After obtaining several product and production manufacturing technology awards by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 1994 ATOP enters the logistics market, launching the first generation of Pick-to-Light system. Both Shop-Floor Control Network and Pick-to-Light System Series rapidly evolve into their second generation for which ATOP receives a patent grand, and starts to have project deployment in larger projects both locally (ACER, TSMC) and abroad (FUJITSU).

1999 - 2005

ATOP expands to Mainland China with a branch office in Shanghai in 1999. Shortly after, enters the industrial communication market, developing one of the first Serial to Ethernet Gateways, Industrial Wi-Fi Serial Servers and obtaining several product awards as “Taiwan Symbol of Excellence.” Develops cableless and more efficient products for Pick-to-Light Solution range.


After being acquired by the now-called BlackBear TechHive, ATOP quickly deep-dives in the Industrial Networking Sector, releasing the first series of Unmanaged and Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches.

2007 - 2012

Propelled by a new visionary leadership and structural growth and to celebrate its 20th anniversary, ATOP sets up new operational headquarters in Zhubei and establishes internal manufacturing as a core principle to guide the years to come, keeping product quality as the highest priority and moving manufacturing to a wholly owned, new facility. ATOP, now ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, provides high-quality contract manufacturing services for third party market leaders in both Industrial and consumer prototyping sectors.


Understanding the importance of the international market as the future for business diversification, talent and cultural growth, ATOP starts a large process of internationalization, that will lead ATOP to have more than 8 local branches across 5 continents and the group to have 6 research & development centers around the world.

2013 - 2017

Shortly after successfully ramping up operations in Indonesia, ATOP established a product and development center in Bangalore, India. Meanwhile, the product offering continuously grows, bringing successfully to the market industry-specific solutions for Automation, Railway, Power Substation, Smart Grid, Smart City and obtaining prestigious certifications by international laboratories and recognized leadership in the Industrial Networking and Pick-to-Light market.

2018 - 2020

Pushed forward by the success in all markets and the new industry-specific solutions, now more and more specialized, ATOP expands manufacturing capabilities by adding two Panasonic SMT lines over three years and further internationalizing the organization, adding more branch offices in Europe and Asia.

2021 and beyond

ATOP is recognized for endeavors in industrial digitalization and automation, receiving IEC 62443-4-1 certification for the secure development of products, TAICS cybersecurity certification, as well as AWS device qualification. Now going through further cybersecurity certification through both the ISASecure and IECEE schemes, ATOP is committed to providing secure, effective, and future-proof solutions.