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If you have any questions regarding our products, services, or the website, then you can contact our experts using the emails below. Your opinions and suggestions are also important to us. So feel free to let us know what we’re doing right or what we could be doing to serve you better in the future.



Anisah Ambarwati

Head of Business Operations ASEAN

+62 896 761 93026

Anisah Ambarwati

ASIA- China

Sam Xia

Head of China Sales

+86 21 64956231

ASIA- Japan & Korea

Takashi Eki

Regional Manager East Asia


ASIA- Taiwan

Tony Lin

Senior Sales Manager

+886 968 386876 (Line)

ASIA- Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand

Jenny Duong

Sales Account Manager

+84 93 275 18 52 (Zalo/WhatsApp)


Timur Dautov

Head of Sales EURASIA

+48 690 261 220



Jenny Duong

Sales Account Manager

+84 93 275 18 52 (Zalo/WhatsApp)

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