SF63 Series

SF63 Series

Industrial Serial to Fiber Media Converter

  • Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • PTP and Ring mode for serial fiber ring communication
  • Supports RS-485 120 ohm line terminator
  • Supports RS-485 Data signals pull high/low resister
  • Supports input voltage 9 ~ 48VDC
  • -40 ~ 70°C Wide range of operating temperature for hazardous environment applications

The SF63 Industrial Serial to Fiber Media Converter Series provide industrial conversion between 100BaseFX(SC or ST connector), RS-232, and RS-422/485; connection options include multi-mode SC/ST connector (2km), and single- mode SC/ST connector (30km). The SF63 Serial to Fiber Media Converter is designed for harsh industrial environments, and complies with FCC/CE standards.

Fiber ConnectorSC/ST connector
Cable RequirementsMulti-mode: 50/125um, 62.5/125um / Single-mode: 9/125um
Transmission DistanceMulti-mode: 2km / Single-mode: 30km
WavelengthSF63-TB-DB-1Fm-SC (multi-mode): 850nm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-SC (single-mode):1310nm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-ST (multi-mode): 1310nm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-ST (single-mode):1310nm
Tx PowerSF63-TB-DB-1Fm-SC (multi-mode): -4~-9.5 dBm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-SC (single-mode):+3~-4 dBm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-ST (multi-mode): -14~-20 dBm
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-ST (single-mode):-8~-15 dBm
Rx SensitivitySF63-TB-DB-1Fm-SC (multi-mode): <-24
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-SC (single-mode): <-34
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-ST (multi-mode): <-32
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-ST (single-mode): <-34
RS-232 SignalsTxD, RxD, GND ( DCD, DTR, DSR internal short ; CTS, RTS internal short )
RS-422 SignalsTxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, GND
RS-485-4w SignalsTxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, GND
RS-485-2w SignalsData+, Data-,GND
Baud rate300bps to 921.6Kbps(RS-422/485)
Baud rate300bps to 115.2Kbps(RS-232)
Input Voltage9~48 VDC
Input Current (System)0.28A max, 9 VDC
Power Consumption (System)Max 2.5 W @9 VDC
ConnectorRemovable 3-pin Screw Terminal Block
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Physical CharacteristicsValue
HousingIP30 SPCC housing
Dimension (W x H x D)34.4 x 91.2 x 120 mm
InstallationDIN-Rail , Wall mount (optional kit)
Environmental LimitsValue
Operating Temperature-40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)
Storage Temperature-40°C~85°C (-40°F~185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity5%~95%, 55°C (Non-condensing)
SafetyEN 60950-1 (low-voltage directive)
EMIFCC Part15, CISPR (EN55032) Class A
EMSIEC61000-4-2 (ESD) Level 3, Criteria B, IEC61000-4-3 (RS) Level 3, Criteria A, IEC61000-4-4 (EFT) Level 3, Criteria A, IEC61000-4-5 (Surge) Level 3, Criteria B
IEC61000-4-6 (CS) Level 3, Criteria A, IEC61000-4-8 (PFMF) Level 3, Criteria A, IEC61000-4-11 (DIP)
RoHS 2Yes
IEC 61000-4-2ESDContact Discharge±6kV3
IEC 61000-4-2ESDAir Discharge±8kV3
IEC 61000-4-3RS80-1000MHz10 V/m3
IEC 61000-4-4EFTPower Port±2.0kV3
IEC 61000-4-4EFTSignal Port±1.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-5SurgePower Port (L-2-L)±2.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeSignal Port (L-2-E)±2.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-6CS0.15-80MHz10 V rms3
IEC 61000-4-8PFMFEnclosure10 V/m3
IEC 61000-4-11DIPAC Power Port-
ShockMIL-STD-810G Method 516.5
DropMIL-STD-810F Method 516.5
VibrationMIL-STD-810F Method 514.5 C-1 & C-2
Warranty5 Years
MTBF75 Years
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-SC-21P1SF63FMSC001GMulti-modeSC2 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-SC-301P1SF63FSSC001GSingle-modeSC30 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-ST-21P1SF63FMST001GMulti-modeST2 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-ST-301P1SF63FSST001GSingle-modeST30 km
UN315-1212 (US-Y)50500151120003GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 1.25A @ 12VDC output, US plug, LV6
UNE315-1212 (EU-Y)50500151120013GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 1.25A @ 12VDC output, EU plug, LV6
LM38-A3S-TI-N50708051GSFP Transceiver, 155Mbps, 1310nmLED, Multi-mode, 2km, 3.3V, -40~85°C
LS38-A3S-TI-N50709431GSFP Transceiver, 155Mbps, 1310nmFP, Single-mode, 30km, 3.3V, -40~85°C


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Hardware Installation Guide

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