Local Branches

Where Atop operates

With our operations located around the globe, we can deliver direct to your market. So no matter where you are based, we can be sure to cover your locally. And along with worldwide delivery, we offer a world-class service, by taking the time to discuss your needs and challenges to identify the best solutions for your future.

  • East Asia

    Business Division

    Srinivas ShekarHead of East Asia Sales

    Phone: +91-9972-600-331
    Email: s.srinivas@atop.com.tw

  • South-East Asia & Australia

    Business Division

    Jopson LiHead of ASEAN Operations

    Phone: +62 811 888 6603
    Email: jopsonli@atop.com.tw
    Skype: jopson_li2

  • China

    Business Division

    Sam XiaHead of China Sales

    Phone: +86-21-64956231
    Email: sales@atop.com.tw

  • Germany

    Business Division

    Matteo Tabarelli de FatisSenior Vice President of Operations

    Phone: +49 172-8181-556
    Email: matteo.tabarelli@atop.com.tw
    Skype: tabamatteo

  • Europe, Middle-East, Africa

    Business Division

    Prashant MishraHead of EMEA Sales

    Phone: +91-80-492-06308
    Email: prashant.m@atop.in
    Skype: l

  • North and South America

    Business Division

    Venke CharSenior Vice President & Head of business

    Phone: +1-602-554-8762
    Email: venke@atop.in
    Skype: atopvenke

  • India

    Business Division

    Abhishek SrivastavaHead of India Sales

    Phone: +91 80 4920 6363
    Email: abhishek.s@atop.in
    Skype: abhishekatop