April 22, 2021

ATOP Corporate social responsibility initiatives

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to strategies that companies put into action as part of corporate governance that are designed to ensure the company’s operations are ethical and beneficial for society.

ATOP is taking aggressive steps to build a good corporate governance which benefits society.

1. Environmental responsibility
ATOP’ Environmental responsibility initiatives aim at reducing pollution and the sustainable use of natural resources. ATOP factory takes care of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and provides energy efficient and
environmentally friendly products to the market.

2. Human rights responsibility
ATOP takes care of its Human rights responsibility initiatives involve providing fair labour practices (e.g., equal pay for equal work) and fair-trade practices, and disavowing child labour.

3. Philanthropic responsibility
ATOP is supporting health initiatives, donating to causes, and supporting community beautification projects.

4. Economic responsibility
ATOP is supporting Economic responsibility initiatives involve improving the ATOP’s business operation while participating in sustainable practices – for example, using a new manufacturing process to minimize wastage.

Business Benefits of CSR practices:
1. Stronger brand image, recognition, and reputation
Our CSR activities adds value to ATOP brand by establishing and maintaining a good corporate reputation and/or brand equity.

2. Increased customer loyalty and sales:
We are gaining more trust from our customers providing them with effective solutions.

3. Operational cost savings
ATOP promotes Investing in operational efficiencies results in operational cost savings as well as reduced environmental impact.

4. Retaining key and talented employees
ATOP management makes sure good employees are retained and are more committed, knowing that they are working for a business that practices CSR.

ATOP as a part of CSR initiative maintains Strong relationships with regulatory bodies

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