July 1, 2024

Applying the IEC61850 Protocol in a substation protection and control system

Substation Project – Energy/Power sector

The control system for high voltage substations is a key challenge in achieving an optimal substation automation system. Our end user needed IEC 61850 network switches supporting remote control through the Substation Automation System (SAS). This switch would use the IEC 61850 protocol to facilitate communication between protection and control numerical relays and the SAS with flexibility, fast operation, and high accuracy.

• Must ensure interoperability between various Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) brands.
• Accurate relay recording is necessary to help supervisors in the analysis of disturbances in communication. Previous automation protocols have gaps in communication records and real status, which made precise time synchronization difficult for high voltage substations.
• Support the Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) function for status representation. GOOSE messages are flexible, high-priority reliable mechanisms for fast transmission of substation events, such as trip commands, interlocking, and critical status indications. They also contain information that allows receiving devices to know the status change.

• ATOP EHG9512-4SFP-HV, Layer-2 Managed IEC 61850 Ethernet switches were utilized to provide accurate time synchronization between protection and control IEDs, protection numerical relays, and the SAS. With both IEC 61850 and PTP support, they play a crucial role in sending commands and equipment status without delay.
• With stable bandwidth, EHG9512 is fast and stable, allowing for reduced data management. The LAN connection provides fast data collection, security, and easy maintenance, reducing the complexity of the network. Thus, the switch, alongside the SAS, works as a complete control system for monitoring, control, and protection tasks.
• Furthermore, the IEC 61850 protocol supports GOOSE messages, configuring the interlocking table without wiring connection. EHG9512 increases the security of protection schemes by building software interlocks between different protection IEDs.

• Using the EHG9512-4SFP-HV, we helped our client set up an unlimited signal coverage of system status and alarms, while allowing for system extensions in the future. A single switch can operate with multiple devices for accurate, real-time data representation, with zero recovery time in case of faults. The accelerating trip scheme function in IEDs are also supported.
• System benefits include safer operation and control, reduced non-supervised alarms and functions, and increased system availability.

EHG9512-4SFP-HV IEC 61850-3 certified managed Gigabit switch


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