June 15, 2022

Connectivity for digitalized production lines

SUVs Production Floor Monitoring 



Industrial Automation, Factory Monitoring 



Our end user, an automaker giant in the US, is building a factory monitoring application for assembly/production units. The vast underlying network would further cover storefronts, customer lounges, service areas, and delivery areas, as well as shop floors.

Such a large interconnected network processing huge amounts of data requires not only high transmission bandwidth, but also redundancy to avoid packet loss in case of unexpected network downtime.

The deployment of numerous network devices also involves tremendous installation and maintenance effort. Therefore, an efficient solution that simplifies network management is invaluable.

For the automotive sector, safety is the most important factor, both physical and virtual. Network security must be established to prevent intrusions and data leaks.



Working with a local systems integrator, ATOP helps define the network topology for the application, as well as on-site setup, configuration, testing and troubleshooting.

The EHG7520 High-Bandwidth Industrial Managed Gigabit PoE Switch is the perfect choice for this system. With 16 Gbps ports plus 4 uplink SFP slots of up to 10Gbps, a single switch can handle large amounts of devices and data, enabling fast transmission and easy deployment. PoE support further assists in simplifying installation, while specially designed management software allows network monitoring and diagnosis. ITU-T G.8032 ERPS Ring, RSTP, STP, and MRP abilities provide the redundancy needed to ensure reliable connections anywhere and anytime.

Finally, a solid access control mechanism, including user account, password policy, and authentication interface management functions, provide strong, IEC62443-4-2-compliant network protection.



The completed network presents easy installation, diagnosis and management, with minimized downtime and maximum security.



US System integrator and multinational automobile manufacturer.



1. EHG7520-8PoE-410GSFP       


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