June 29, 2022

Ensuring wireless connectivity for the ceramic production



Industry 4.0, Ceramic sector



The district of Sassuolo, Italy, is world-famous for the production of ceramic tiles. In ceramic factories, glazelines are complete systems containing all the devices and machines necessary for the application of ceramic glaze on tile surfaces. They transform plain raw tiles into high-end products with intricate designs.

Our partner was looking for a wireless Access Point to manage and control the pigment dispensers for coloring ceramic tiles, and to make sure that communication between various parts of the glazeline runs smoothly and without interruptions. The AP must be resistant to dry environments and high temperatures that are necessary for ceramic production.



ATOP was able to provide a strong wireless network AP to be installed inside a cabinet, whereas its waterproof antennas are placed outside of the cabinet and connected to the device through SMA cables. The device itself has an operating temperature up to +60°C, and withstands relative humidity as low as 5%. ETSI-certified connections supporting 5 GHz frequency reduces interference on common wireless devices that use 2.4 GHz. Therefore, the connection uptime is maximized for efficient production and best glazing quality. User-friendly configuration and upgrade features allows for easy maintenance to complete the solution.



We helped our partner to realize a highly performing, competitive and tailored solution, with a more advanced system that allows for a significant reduction in maintenance, ensuring high productivity, flexibility and energy saving.



An Italian System Integrator, leader in the Industrial automation.



1. AW5500


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