June 17, 2019

ATOP Technologies To Participate In 9th India Warehousing Show From 20-22 June

We at ATOP Technologies, cordially invite you to visit our stall at the 9th India Warehousing Show that will be held from 20th to 22nd June in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

The Event

The warehousing show is an industrial event that seeks to showcase the best of warehousing technology from the world.


Our Products

At ATOP we pride ourselves for having innovatively built technology for world class warehousing solutions over 30 years. In the India Warehousing Show we are showcasing several ranges of our Pick-to-Light system, which will makes warehouse management highly efficient and error free, while also reducing operating costs significantly.


Benefits of Pick-to-Light System

Paperless picking process
Streamlined order fulfilment process
Increased picking productivity
Assured accuracy, virtually eliminate picking error, below 0.1%
Significant reduction in the operating costs
Easy to use (a 30 minutes training is sufficient to enable a picker)
On-line picking data control, ease of prompting the material shortage


Flexible Configuration

7 Series – See the entire series of tags including RFID tags, zoneless picking solutions, Pick to Graph solutions and Wireless Picking Solutions.
8 Series – See the latest flexible mounting 8 Series tag with all its features, including the novel deflection rod solution.


Our Clients

We have successfully implemented our pick-to-light products for industrial leaders like Flipkart, Landmark, Hyundai, Denso, to name a few, in India and Globally with all major players in Retail, Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Our solutions help our customers’ double productivity while bringing down sorting errors to negligible levels.


Event Details

Date: 20 to 22 June
Location: Stall number D9A, Hall 12A – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
All at ATOP eagerly await you at the exhibition.


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