October 25, 2023

Meet us at SPS 2023 with BlackBear TechHive

The SPS show in Nuremberg has long been a premier platform for unveiling the latest advancements in industrial automation. This year, taking place Nov 14-16, marks an exciting occasion as ATOP joins forces with BlackBear TechHive, including Bamboo Dynamics, Errevi Automation, and BlackBear Cyber Security. Together, we are set to demonstrate cutting-edge digitalization solutions for a wide range of industries, including smart city infrastructure, smart grid, logistics, and network management.

Our team is excited to engage with visitors during the show. Attendees can look forward to in-depth discussions, live product demonstrations, and personalized support from our on-site experts. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations not only in the networking solutions that you know ATOP for, but also related applications and industries.

Join us for engaging conversations and hands-on experiences as we unveil the future of industrial digitalization, Hall 5 Booth 308 at the SPS show in Nuremberg.

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