September 12, 2019

Custom Product Solutions for Your Everyday Needs

At ATOP Technology we take care of both your hardware and software needs. As part of our software offering we have created a simple and comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) which is very useful in easily implementing applications on ATOP’s platforms.

Basics of SDK

Here are the key folders and components of our SDK::
The SDK supports u-boot as the bootloader
Supports Linux operating system and developed on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04
The libraries provide some ATOP proprietary APIs for users to easy access system or peripheral components
SDK provides basic applications and scripts to bring up network and basic services
SDK package uses the lighttpd WEB server. The simple WEB server helps users to manage system settings
It provides diagnostic tools for users to test and verify peripheral components
Firmware upgrade mechanism via Boot-shell, CLI, and WEB
It offers EEPROM access for MAC/device/model names


Additional Features

The SDK software also enables you to set up SMS alerts, which includes both “free” and “restricted” modes.
SDK also supports Firewall in case of a Gateway support. Users can easily implement their own firewall on their gateway device by adding/creating their rules in these the shell script files.


A Step By Step Implementation Guide

We are committed to make implementation as simple for you as possible and with the SDK you get a user manual which contains a clutter free and readable step-by-step SDK guide. This guide gives you an easy to understand step-by step process to implement various features of the SDK.

SDKs are the sources for almost every program a modern user would interact with. From the web browser you work on all the way to the video games you play at the end of the day, many were first built with an SDK. Come and experience Atop’s SDK kit that allows you as developers to add functionality to your applications without being slow down in any way.

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