March 5, 2021

The shutdown of the 3G network. ATOP secures your networking system.

Many operators have announced that 3G networks are going to shut down and be replaced by 4G and 5G soon. For operators of industrial communication networks, this results in a fallback to 2G. It is time to minimize risk by early action and make sure  your devices will keep working.

All devices missing support for 4G/5G will have to be replaced in time before the shutdown of the  3G network happens, otherwise facing the risk to access only very-low throughput GPRS connections. To avoid this possibility, you need to anticipate the changes and plan for the migration soon.

The recent commercial launch of 5G services worldwide opens up a debate on the possibility of starting a path of technological replacement that affects previous generations of industrial networks. We know it will take several years for 5G technology services to reach a full international coverage and therefore it is expected that current 4G (LTE) networks will continue to be the main access layer to industrial networks for a long time to come.

On the other hand, the 3G (UMTS) networks could be close to the terminus, precisely by virtue of the now consolidated pervasiveness of 4G.

The decommissioning, even partial, of the 2G and 3G networks would also free important resources useful for the development of 5G, both in terms of "electromagnetic space" at the installation sites, and in terms of spectrum, and therefore bandwidth, to maximize the capacity of the 5G. In addition, from an economic point of view, the divestment of GSM and UMTS technologies would allow operators to cease the costs of Operation & Maintenance of legacy networks and to redirect these resources in favor of the development of fifth generation networks.

If digital innovation is the answer, then 5G technology will be a crucial enabler, reducing latency and accelerating the deployment of remote control and monitoring systems and autonomous devices.

Here you can discover how ATOP’s solutions can help you with this crucial revolution:

4G Solutions

- SE5901B series: 4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Industrial Gateway/ Router

- MB5901B series: 4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Modbus Gateway/Router

- PG5901B series: 4G LTE Cellular Smart-Grid Industrial Protocol Gateway

5G Solutions are coming soon...stay tuned!

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