November 18, 2020


Why Atop’s NMU?

NMU can be installed on any computer connected to the network. Although based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for management and configuration, it is able to review in real time events and logs to Syslog servers and provide to the network operator full awareness on the health of the network and the elements needed for decision making:

  • Easy to configure
  • Handles lots of different devices
  • Guarantees a continuous and real-time supervision
  • Provides event driven notification with customized setting
  • Traces the history event
  • Allows to identify and visualize network devices and physical connections automatically
  • Manages configurations and firmware for ATOP switches centrally
  • Equipped with smart alarms and notifications for events by defining custom-threshold and duration
  • Groups and manages Ethernet by different IP ranges
  • Supports a topological display with ring diagnostics. The topology detects network infrastructures, and presents them in various dashboards.
  • Time Saving: automatically identifies the devices causing abnormal issue, so that users can save time on finding it one after one. 


Main Features

  • Device discovery, listing and visualization
  • Device grouping
  • Access credential maintenance
  • Network parameter configuration, and mass-configuration
  • Firmware update, mass-update, and mass-automatic update scheduling
  • Restore to Default settings
  • Backup and restore configuration, mass-backup, and mass-automatic scheduling
  • Configuration of SNMP traps, syslog


  • Discovery up to 2000 ATOP devices
  • Visualization of redundant link states and device role of network redundancy protocol
  • Visualization of graphic device group
  • Visualization of network connection with colors links
  • Displays third-party devices
  • A network dashboard to view the comprehensive network topology and status
  • Visualization of event logs, SNMP traps and Syslog

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