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July 28, 2017

Product Updates and EoL Notices :: Edge Computing, Serial Servers, Protocol Gateway

Continuing our commitment to bring our customers feature-rich Industrial Networking solutions for a wide range of hardware platforms and industry applications, we are proud to announce full updates to our Edge Computing, Serial Server and Modbus Gateway ranges.


Upgrading our Advanced Serial Server and Modbus Gateways Product Line

Updated Features

  • Next-generation power performance
  • SNMPv1/v2c/v3 available on all platforms
  • Improved Industrial EMC protection with either Level 3 or Level 4 rating
  • Fiber Connectivity on 4, 8 and 16-port devices
  • PoE power input supported for 1 and 4-port devices
  • IPsec VPN embedded security
  • Additional software-specific functionalities for Serial Server and Modbus Gateway versions


Coming soon: IIoT Edge Computing devices, available with user-friendly NodeRED building-block platform embedded in SDK versions (for those unfamiliar with programming) and Unified Software with SDK and APIs (for those familiar with C Language)

1-Port Devices

SE5901 - 1-port Industrial Serial Device Server, Wide Temperature
MB5901 - 1-port Industrial Wide Temperature Modbus Gateway: TCP;  RTU; ASCII

4-Port Devices

SE5904D - 4-Port Industrial Secure Serial Device Server
MB5904D - 4-Port Industrial Secure Modbus Gateway: TCP; RTU; ASCII

8/16-Port Devices

SE5908 - 8-Port Rack-mount Secure Serial Device Server
SE5916 - 16-Port Rack-mount Secure Serial Device Server
MB5908 - 8-Port Rack-mount Secure Modbus Gateway: TCP; RTU; ASCII
MB5916 - 16-Port Rack-mount Secure Modbus Gateway: TCP; RTU; ASCII


End of Life Notice

The following updates will take effect from October 31, 2017. SE5904D and MB5904D will replace SE5404D and MB5404D. SE5908 and MB5908 will replace SE5408A, SE5408A2, MB5408A, and MB5408A2. SE5916 and MB5916 will replace SE5416A, SE5416A2, MB5416A, and MB5416A2.