February 24, 2017

Unveiling IP67 Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switches

EMG Family: Your ruggedized Railway-certified Managed and Unmanaged Switch solution. Add PoE and Fiber to IP67!

IP67 Managed Gigabit Railway-certified Switches

EMG8508/10 IP67-rated Railway-compliant Ethernet switch is the best solution for providing high-speed Gigabit connectivity in bayside, trackside or carriage side Railway applications. Certified according to EN50155 and EN50121-4, its rugged aluminum enclosure can effectively protect the Switch core in any environment.

The 8-M12 Connectors Gigabit ports can supply up to 30W of PoE Power (802.3af or 802.3at) to your PoE device providing an overall maximum budget of 240W. This makes EMG8508 the ideal solution for on-board or off-board surveillance by simplifying the wiring where it’s difficult, risky and expensive to introduce new elements. Two Gigabit SFP slots provide to EMG8510 Series the capability to be connected with Fiber-Optics to the backbone without the need of Copper Ethernet repeaters and without any risk of signal degradation

The embedded redundant-power supply input provides a reliable and failure-proof safety mechanism to minimize down-times. EMG8508/10 comes in either redundant Low-Voltage DC power input (12~57 VDC, 47~57 VDC for PoE models) or in redundant High-Voltage DC power input (50~145 VDC). Each power module, including a Relay-output alarm, uses a S-coding M12 connector that makes it ideal and simple for engineers setting up a Fault-Alarm System.

Its IP67 housing protection, combined with a wide operating temperature of -40 to 75°C and wall mounting capacities make it suitable to most Railway applications in harsh environments or industrial filed applications.

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EMG8508 8-port IP67 Gigabit Managed Railway Switch
EMG8510 10-port IP67 Gigabit Managed Railway Switch with Fiber optics


IP67 Unmanaged Gigabit Railway-certified Switches

EMG8305 IP67 EN50155 and EN50121-4 certified Unmanaged Switch provides 5-ports Gigabit switching connectivity, for a incredible price and unprecedented reliability.

EMG8305 is available From March 1st and now preordering for EMG8508/10, available April 30th, 2017.”

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