August 5, 2019

POE Booster To Save Power Supply Costs

As we progress rapidly towards automation and digitization in virtually every sector, it becomes imperative for organizations to save costs of cabling by powering and data transmission using single cables.

ATOP’s EHG64xx Power over Ethernet (POE) booster allows factories to operate PoE switches in the power range of 12 to 24 volts as opposed to the standard input requirement of 49 to 57 volts, thus providing a low power method for powering devices in the field. This type of PoE booster switch, significantly reduce the cost of networks.


A key component in automation systems, the PoE solutions are used in surveillance systems extensively to reduce wiring costs and enhance productivity. Our product is capable of operating in a temperature range of -40 to 75 degree Celsius and adheres to various standards including - IEEE 802.3x for 1000BaseX, IEEE 802.3af/at for Power-over-Ethernet and 100BASE-FX Ethernet standard.


Product Variants

The EHG64XX PoE booster chiefly comes in eight variants, with the number of ports ranging from eight to ten.
EHG6408 EHG6408-4PoE-24V
EHG6410-2SFP-D with a dip switch in case of 1000X/100FX speeds


Power Consumption

The 24V PoE model operating at an input voltage of 12 to 23V, supports electric current up to 7 Amps and power consumption of 60 Watts. In case of an input voltage of 24 to 57V, the PoE model supports electric current up to 6 Amps and consumption of 120 Watts.


ATOP’s After-Sales Guarantee

Every PoE booster switch goes through a rigorous manufacturing and testing process to ensure a high quality products to clients. In the event of something going wrong, rest assured as the product comes with a 5 years warranty.


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