May 9, 2024

Supporting the growth of sustainable energy

As industries focus more on sustainable operations, renewable energy is booming. Solar, wind, and other green power sources are being rapidly deployed across vast geographic areas to meet escalating demand. However, this distributed nature of modern renewable energy farms poses unique automation and management challenges that go beyond traditional centralized power stations.

ATOP and BlackBear TechHive offer flexible, customized solutions that seamlessly connect and control dispersed power generation assets. The key is getting all the data from thousands of remote devices efficiently into centralized management systems. Media converters like the EF23 optimize transmission speed and distance for data collection across wide areas.

Another highly effective capability in dispersed sites is enabling direct cloud connectivity from end devices out in the field. With wireless solutions, installation can be greatly simplified and costs reduced. ATOP's industrial-grade cellular Wi-Fi routers not only enables secure wireless data transmission through VPN, but also protects assets with robust, weatherproof hardware. Due to the critical nature of the energy industry, wired and wireless pathways can also be used concurrently for fault-tolerance and backup.

Once data enters more centralized nodes, ATOP Ethernet solutions for power applications help send the information securely, reliably, and timely to control and management centers like SCADA. For more information, check out our whitepaper and video on networking solutions for an IEC 61850 substation.

Nevertheless, automation for renewable power requires meticulous planning and support for each unique case. Reach out for personalized consultation with our dedicated global representatives.

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