IEC 61850

With extreme weather occurring around the world, the IEC 61850 standard can help establish sound communications for the power grid.


Network Address Translation

Our NAT switches enable powerful switching features on simple topologies with reduced IP addresses.


EH9711: A fully-certified precise timing DIN-rail switch for power station access

ATOP’s EH9711 is a DIN-rail switch designed specifically for the smart grid. With IEC61850-3 certification, precision time and high voltage support, it’s just what you need for power substation applications.

Company News

Another goal achieved in terms of Cybersecurity

We are happy to announce that ATOP has obtained ISASecure® Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) Certification according to IEC 62443-4-1.

Connections drive our world

Connections drive the world in which we live. And within industrial environments, having the right connections is vital. Connections between the network, devices and machines. Connections with industry experts and partners you can trust.


We deliver ready-made and tailored industrial solutions, built to withstand the demands of the industry. We’re more than a manufacturer: we consult, we design, we innovate.


30+ years experience, more than 90 engineers and our own manufacturing facility at your disposal for helping you face the business challenges of your industry.


It’s about adding value at all stages to give you the flexibility and agility you need to meet specific project requirements. All at a cost that works.


How to Take Advantage from Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a very useful tool in IoT. Using the same cable to send both electric power and data to connected devices, benefits include simple installation, spatial efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility.


Using Mesh systems to upgrade industrial Wi-Fi networks

With the wide and easy applications of Wi-Fi Mesh, ATOP’s growing range of wireless solutions have this feature down to pat. Read to learn more about using Wi-Fi Mesh in your industrial digitalization.


Implementing PROFINET for Industrial Digitalization

Get a deeper understanding about the importance of deploying only Profinet certified solutions in Profinet-based applications.