Whether it’s modern IEC 61850 power stations or legacy ones requiring interoperability, ATOP helps you build efficient powergrid infrastructure.



ATOP and partner BlackBear Cyber Security work together to provide substation networks that are not only reliable, time-precise, but also highly secure.


EH9711: A fully-certified precise timing DIN-rail switch for power station access

ATOP’s EH9711 is a DIN-rail switch designed specifically for the smart grid. With IEC61850-3 certification, precision time and high voltage support, it’s just what you need for power substation applications.


Explore our smartgrid communications and IEC 61850 solutions

From protocol conversion, network switching, precision timing, cybersecurity, to remote management, learn how ATOP and partners support you in every step of your powergrid digital transformation.

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Connections drive the world in which we live. And within industrial environments, having the right connections is vital. Connections between the network, devices and machines. Connections with industry experts and partners you can trust.


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Case study

Robust update of remote substation communications

Data collection from widespread sites are difficult to implement, but not impossible. Read about the collaboration between ATOP and Indonesia’s largest power company.


Low-power cellular communications for distributed equipment

Wireless communications are most efficient and effective for distributed and wide-ranging sites. Combined with low power consumption, ATOP’s latest serial device server takes data collection to a new level.


Protocol gateways in IEC 61850 application

The concept of a protocol gateway may be simple, but with unique added functions and key positioning, protocol gateways can shape the future of automation, from facilitating smooth data exchange to enhancing cybersecurity measures.