PRP-redundant Synchronization

Learn how ATOP’s NTS7500-PTP IEEE1588v2 Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster Clock can enable zero-packet-loss redundancy in Substation networks relying on IEC62439-3 Clause 5 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP).

Industrial IoT Remote I/O

As an IIoT I/O module, ATOP’s IO5202 Series is a compact solution for connecting digital and analog devices and sensors, enabling you to monitor, acquire and process data from remote sensors and control digital and analog outputs.

Industrial Networking Brochure

Download here our latest Industrial Networking Brochure, including standard and Industry-Specific Industrial Ethernet Switches, Serial Device Servers, Wi-Fi Access Points, Industrial Wi-Fi Serial Servers, Media Converters and much more…

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Learn how to easily deploy Industry 4.0 using ATOP’s Industrial Grade Embedded Computers

Industrial Networking & Computing Solutions

From Ethernet switches to Edge computing, Atop designs, develops, and manufactures a full range of Industrial networking technologies for automating your business.


Our comprehensive range of networking devices allow you to build a network for tomorrow’s challenges with ease.


Atop’s customization experience in numerous industry sectors helps us to understand your application’s challenges.


No matter where you’re based, we can deliver direct to your market, and provide remote support wherever you operate.

Automation - IIoT - Industry 4.0

Solutions for helping manufacturers to connect, monitor and control operations.

Power Substation & Smart Grid

Solutions for the production and distribution of renewable and fossil energies.

Railway & Trackside

Solutions for networking and automation in Railway and Trackside applications.

Smart city

Solutions for building and connecting networks for Surveillance & ITS.

Oil and Gas

Solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.


Networking solutions for connected vessels and offshore structures.


From entry level to high-performance hardware, ATOP offers a range of technologies to suit your budget and application requirements, supporting features such as industrial-grade reliability, integrated security, network redundancy, and advanced performance to equip your network for the future. With off-the-shelf and custom solutions for hardware and software, we’re sure to have you covered.

Industrial Computing

Our SDK-ready Industrial Computers have extensive expansion capabilities to accommodate I/O and interface cards, graphics cards, additional memory and increased storage capacity. With our easy-to-use development kits, they can be easily configured for your specific application requirements for faster developments.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

“With rugged reliability and advanced performance, our Industrial Ethernet solutions are ideal for today’s demanding applications. They’re fit to withstand harsh industrial environments, such as extreme temperatures, large power surges, and impacts. Designed for a range of process considerations, such as Profinet, IEC 61850-3, and PoE, they can provide total solutions for your application.

Serial Device Servers

Providing a seamless communication bridge between Serial devices and Ethernet traffic, our Serial-to-Ethernet Gateways provide RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 devices with instant access to TCP/IP and UDP connectivity.

Remote I/O

Atop Remote I/Os allow audience to link their application Analog or Digital inputs. Analog, Digital outputs or relays with the cloud with MQTT protocol or a Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII controller allowing audience to greatly reduce redundant devices and enable IIoT on reality.

Industrial Wireless

Offering both Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity, our Industrial Wireless technologies remove the need to run cable in hard-to-reach places. Equipment, new and old, can be quickly and easily incorporated into existing network system designs, no matter where they are. Designed with advanced features such as high throughput, fast roaming, and MIMO, they’ll work with the most challenging of traffic demands.

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Gateways

“Installing a sophisticated network does not mean you have to install new hardware to make use of it. Our line of protocol gateways offers the interoperability necessary between Industry protocols and equipment vendors to allow for automation and control of various devices and data types, including Profibus, Modbus, and DNP3.”

Media Converters

“ATOP’s line of media converters bridge connectivity between different types of media, connectors and speeds. Providing fast performance in even harsh environments, our media converters include copper, fiber, Fast Ethernet and gigabit options. They allow you to build and extend a sophisticated network without having to sink costs on device upgrades and replacements.”

Precision Timing

Reliable and accurate time-synchronization is vital in today’s data-intensive networks. So ATOP’s range of PTP-enabled devices ensure that accurate timing information can be provided to all the relevant elements of a data-intensive networks that need accurate timing in the sub-microsecond range, including routers, switches, servers, and applications.

Management Software

Atop NMU (Network Management Utility) is an automative suite that designed for configuring, monitoring, and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks via a visual interface. All the Atop switch products can be managed via a web browser from anytime and anywhere.


ATOP offers a wide range of accessories for providing added flexibility and scalability to your network, including power supplies and adapters, antennas and various SFPs.