Automation - IIoT - Industry 4.0

Derive substantial value from machine-to-machine connections.

Smart manufacturing to help you face challenges in the modern world

IIOT – INDUSTRY 4.0 promotes strategic transformation in the way goods are produced and delivered in this new era.


Innovation first

Industry 4.0 is about the strategic transformation taking place in the way goods are produced and delivered, moving toward industrial automation and the flexible smart factory.

Agile digital transformation

To stay competitive, factories must leverage the IIoT and digitalization to become more efficient and productive to face challenges and become resilient in the ever-changing world.

Efficiency, productivity & cost reduction

By connecting plants with IoT suppliers, all stakeholders in the supply chain can trace and track dependencies, material flow, and production cycle times in order to potentially reduce waiting times and meet other capital requirements.


Industrial Networking Solutions

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Industrial Ethernet Switches

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Industrial SDK, Serial Device Servers, Modbus & Protocol Gateways

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Precision Timing - Best practices for Industrial Networking

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SDK - Your Gateway to Industry 4.0

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Solutions for Smart Factory

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