Industrial 802.11 abgn Wireless Access Point with high-performance 2x2 MIMO and 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port, DIN-Rail Mount, metal housing

  • Designed for 802.11a/b/g/n networks
  • Web server/Utility configuration
  • Upgrade via Management Utility or Web User Interface
  • 5 GHz frequency support to reduce interference on 2.4 GHz with other wireless devices
  • Client Isolation
  • Different operating modes and topology options
    (WDS Bridge and AP Client)
  • FCC (United States), ETSI (Europe), and NCC (Taiwan) certified wireless equipment

Suitable in a wide array of applications, the new AW5500 is able to withstand harsh conditions typically found in the industry.

AW5500 is also design thinking on your security, state of the art encryption as well as having the ability to create a virtual network among wireless clients; this level of communication between clients can be easily and intuitively controlled using this option, imposing restrictions on data and excluding malware at the same time. AW5500 embodies a strong wireless network manager that will surely deliver optimum performance in your network.

Network Interface
SpeedIEEE802.3ab 10/100/1000Mbps
Connector portsRJ-45
Wireless Characteristics
Wireless PCI-e ModuleAtheros AR9382
Tx / Rx2T2R MIMO (2x2 with MCS 0-15)
Standard Conformance802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
Operating Frequency
United States (FCC)2412-2462(20Mhz)/2422-2452(40Mhz)5180-5240, 5745-5825(20Mhz)/5190-5230, 5755-5795(40Mhz)
Europe (ETSI)2412-2472(20Mhz)/2422-2462(40Mhz)5180-5240(20Mhz)/5190-5230(40Mhz)
Taiwan (NCC)2412-2462(20Mhz)/2422-2452(40Mhz)5280-5320, 5745-5825(20Mhz)/5310, 5755-5795(40Mhz)
Data Rate
802.11a6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48,54Mbps
802.11b1, 2, 5.5 and 11Mbps
802.11g6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
802.11n (20MHz bandwidth)1Nss: 65Mbps @ 800GI, 72.2Mbps @ 400GI (Max.) / 2Nss: 130Mbps @ 800GI, 144.4Mbps @ 400GI (Max.)
802.11n (40MHz bandwidth)1Nss: 135Mbps @ 800GI, 150Mbps @ 400GI (Max.) / 2Nss: 270Mbps @ 800GI, 300Mbps @ 400GI (Max.)
Antenna (5GHz)
Gain5 dBi
ConnectorDual SMA(R) Female
Output Power (5GHz)
802.11a+15dBm @ 6, 9, 12, 18, 24Mbps / +15dBm @ 36Mbps / +14dBm @ 48Mbps / +12dBm @ 54Mbps
802.11n 5GHz/HT20+15dBm @ MCS 0/8 +15dBm @ MCS 4/12 +15dBm @ MCS 1/9 +11 - 14dBm @ MCS 5/13 +15dBm @ MCS 2/10 +9 - 12dBm @ MCS 6/14 +15dBm @ MCS 3/11 +7 - 10dBm @ MCS 7/15
802.11n 5GHz/HT40+14dBm @ MCS 0/8 +14dBm @ MCS 1/9 +14dBm @ MCS 2/10 +14dBm @ MCS 3/11 +14dBm @ MCS 4/12 +10– 13dBm @ MCS 5/13 +8 – 11dBm @ MCS 6/14 +6 – 9dBm @ MCS 7/15
Antenna (2.4GHz)
Gain3 dBi
ConnectorDual SMA(R) Female
Output Power (2.4GHz)
802.11g+17dBm @ 6, 9, 12,18,24Mbps / +17dBm @ 36Mbps / +16dBm @ 48Mbps / +16dBm @ 54Mbps
802.11n 2.4GHz/HT20+16dBm @ MCS 0/8 +16dBm @ MCS 4/12 +16dBm @ MCS 1/9 +16dBm @ MCS 5/13 +16dBm @ MCS 2/10 +16dBm @ MCS 6/14 +16dBm @ MCS 3/11 +15dBm @ MCS 7/15
802.11n 2.4GHz/HT40+15dBm @ MCS 0/8 +15dBm @ MCS 4/12 +15dBm @ MCS 1/9 +15dBm @ MCS 5/13 +15dBm @ MCS 2/10 +15dBm @ MCS 6/14 +15dBm @ MCS 3/11 +14dBm @ MCS 7/15
StandardData Rate IEEE Spec(1 Rx dBm) Typical/Maximum( 2Rx dBm)
802.11b1Mnot specified-98/-85
802.11b5.5Mnot specified-98/-85
802.11b11Mnot specified-94/-85
802.11a/n HT20MCS0-82-94/-85
802.11a/n HT20MCS1-79-92/-82
802.11a/n HT20MCS2-77-90/-80
802.11a/n HT20MCS3-74-87/-77
802.11a/n HT20MCS4-70-84/-73
802.11a/n HT20MCS5-66-79/-69
802.11a/n HT20MCS6-65-78/-68
802.11a/n HT20MCS7-64-76/-67
802.11a/n HT40MCS0-79-92/-82
802.11a/n HT40MCS1-76-90/-79
802.11a/n HT40MCS2-74-87/-77
802.11a/n HT40MCS3-71-84/-74
802.11a/n HT40MCS4-67-80/-70
802.11a/n HT40MCS5-63-76/-66
802.11a/n HT40MCS6-62-74/-65
802.11a/n HT40MCS7-61-72/-64
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS0-82-95/-85
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS1-79-94/-82
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS2-77-92/-80
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS3-74-89/-77
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS4-70-86/-73
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS5-66-82/-69
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS6-65-80/-68
802.11b/g/n HT20MCS7-64-78/-67
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS0-79-92/-82
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS1-76-92/-79
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS2-74-89/-77
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS3-71-86/-74
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS4-67-83/-70
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS5-63-77/-66
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS6-62-76/-65
802.11b/g/n HT40MCS7-61-75/-64
Operation ModesAP, WDS Hybrid, AP Client
Wireless SecurityWEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, 802.1x
ConfigurationAtop Management Utility, Web UI, Telnet, Serial Console
Network SecurityClient Isolation, Firewall / Filtering, Turn off Radio
Alerts EventsE-mail / SNMP Trap
Supported ProtocolsICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP Server/Client, DNS, SNMP, NTP, SMTP, HTTP, IPv4, 802.1x, RADIUS, STP/RSTP
Input Voltage9 - 48 VDC
Input Current 0.65 A @ 9 VDC
Power ConsumptionApproximately 5.85 W (Max)
Connector3-Pin 5.08mm Lockable Terminal Block
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Physical CharacteristicsValue
HousingIP30 SPCC housing
Dimension (W x H x D)47 mm x 110 mm x 90mm
InstallationDIN-Rail , Wall mount (optional kit)
Reset ButtonYes
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C (14°F ~ 140°F)
Storage Temperature-40°C~85°C (-40°F~185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity5%~95%, 55°C (Non-condensing)
SafetyUL60950-1 , CB IEC/EN60950-1, IEC/EN 62368-1, CNS 14336-1
RadioFCC 15C 15.247, FCC 15E 15.407, EN 301893 V2.1.1, EN 300328 V2.1.1, NCC LP00002
EMCEN 301489-1 V2.2.0, EN301489-17 V3.2.0, FCC 15B (Class A), CNS 13438
EMFEN 62311: 2008, EN 50385: 2002
EMSEN55032, EN55024
RoHS 2Yes
IEC 61000-4-2ESDContact Discharge±8kV4
IEC 61000-4-2ESDAir Discharge±15kV4
IEC 61000-4-3RSRadiated (enclosure)10 V/m3
IEC 61000-4-4EFTDC Power Port±2.0kV3
IEC 61000-4-4EFTSignal Port±2.0KV4
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeAC Power Port (L-2-L)±1.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeAC Power Port (L-2-E)±2.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-5SurgeLAN Port (L-2-E)±2.0KV3
IEC 61000-4-6CSConducted (enclosure)10 V rms3
IEC 61000-4-8PFMFEnclosure10 A/m3
ShockIEC 60068-2-27
DropIEC 60068-2-32
VibrationIEC 60068-2-64
Warranty5 Years
MTBF (MIL-HDBK-217F)22 years
AW55001P1AW550000001GIndustrial Wireless Access Point1 (Gigabit)
UN315-1212 (US-Y)50500151120003GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 1.25A @ 12VDC output, US plug, LV6
UNE315-1212 (EU-Y)50500151120013GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 1.25A @ 12VDC output, EU plug, LV6
UN315-2465 (US)50500161240002GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 0.65A @ 24VDC output, US plug, LV6
UNE315-2465 (EU)50500161240012GY-Type power adapter, 100~240VAC input, 0.65A @ 24VDC output, EU plug, LV6
WMK-454-Black70100000000043GBlack Aluminum Wall Mount Kit


Version Name Time Size Download
v5.60 Management Utility for Windows 2021-01-18 23.65 MB
v5.20 Management Utility for Windows 2016-10-28 16.21 MB


Version Name Time Size Download
v3.23 AW5500 Firmware 2020-01-07 10.9 MB
v2.35 AW5500 Firmware 2017-04-21 10.85 MB


Version Name Time Size Download
v4.5 Datasheet EN 2023-11-01 774.94 KB
v4.2 Datasheet EN 2020-12-29 244.4 KB
v4.1 Datasheet EN 2018-03-07 1.34 MB


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.4 AW5500 User Manual 2017-12-12 3.35 MB

Hardware Installation Guide

Version Name Time Size Download
v1.1 AW5500/AW5500C Hardware Installation Guide 2015-08-28 489.96 KB

Test reports

Version Name Time Size Download
AW5500 Declarations of Conformity 2023-03-15 302.8 KB
v1.0 CB Test report 2020-12-29 3.4 MB
v1.0 CE EN 300328 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-29 189.78 KB
v1.0 CE EN 301489 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-29 190.72 KB
v1.0 CE EN 301893 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-29 190.72 KB
v1.0 FCC Certification report 2020-12-29 205.23 KB
v1.0 LVD Certification 2020-12-29 105.24 KB
v1.0 UL 60950-1 Certificate of compliance 2020-12-29 505.95 KB

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