Atop NMU

Network Management Utility

  • Discover and visualize network devices and physical connections automatically
  • Manage configurations and firmware for ATOP switches centrally
  • Set up smart alarms and notifications for events by defining custom-threshold and duration
  • Group and manage Ethernet by different IP ranges
Atop NMU

ATOP Network Management Utility is the best way to manage ATOP Industrial Managed Switches. It has been specifically designed to facilitate and simplify the network configuration and maintenance experience, that usually requires repetitive work if done manually.

NMU can be installed on any computer connected to the network. Although based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for management and configuration, it is able to review in real time events and logs to Syslog servers and provide to the network operator full awareness on the health of the network and the elements needed for decision making.


Main Features

  • Device discovery, listing and visualization
  • Device grouping
  • Access credential maintenance
  • Network parameter configuration, and mass-configuration
  • Firmware update, mass-update, and mass-automatic update scheduling
  • Restore to Default settings
  • Backup and restore configuration, mass-backup, and mass-automatic scheduling
  • Configuration of SNMP traps, syslog



  • Discovery up to 2000 ATOP devices
  • Visualization of redundant link states and device role of network redundancy protocol
  • Visualization of graphic device group
  • Visualization of network connection with colors links
  • Displays third-party device
  • A network dashboard to view the comprehensive network topology and status
  • Visualization of event logs, SNMP traps and Syslog





Hardware Requirements 
CPU2.20 GHz or faster dual-core CPU
Disk space256GB
Operation systemWindows 7/8
Windows 2008
Windows Vista
Windows Professional 2003
Windows 2000/Windows NT
Windows 10 is supported and fully functional; however, some issues related to font-size
have been reported.
Supported Devices 
EHG7504/EHG7508/EHG7512/EHG7516/EHG7520v2.69 and above
EHG7604/EHG7608/EHG7612/EHG7616/EHG7620v4.52 and above
EH7506/EH7508/EH7512/EH7520v5.30 and above
RHG7528v2.69 and above
RHG7628v4.52 and above
EMG8508/EMG8510v2.69 and above
EHG9508/EHG9512v2.69 and above
Other ATOP productsDisplay only - Coming soon


Version Name Time Size Download
v2.3.1 NMU Software Installation package 2021-12-13 68.85 MB
v2.1.3 NMU Software Installation package 2020-10-15 64.06 MB


Version Name Time Size Download
v0.1 Datasheet EN 2020-10-15 726.69 KB


Version Name Time Size Download
v1.5 NMU User Manual 2023-12-01 5.58 MB
v1.4 NMU User Manual 2021-12-13 5.67 MB
v1.2 NMU User Manual 2020-10-16 5.08 MB

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