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January 2, 2020

Anti-Fraud Statement

We recently have received complaints from several victims, stating that unknown persons have committed fraud through some websites showing the corporate addresses are located at Hong Kong, by exploiting the low price tactics to set up a trap against someone who is interested in our products.

To avoid any confusion, we have three statements as follows:

1. The owners or possessors of the said scam websites are not our legally authorized distributors or agents, and we never supply our products to, or sell/distribute our products through, those websites.

2. For those who are interested in purchasing our products, please directly contact us or our legally authorized distributors or agents, whose contact information can be found in our official website (www.atoponline.com).

3. All proprietary right and intellectual property rights in and to the contents and design (including, but not limited to, text, picture, film and pattern) of our official websites are owned by us. Any unauthorized use (including, but not limited to, copy, forward, link and download) of the contents and design of our official website constitutes an infringement sanctioned by law, and we reserve all rights to pursue legal action against the infringer.