March 1, 2022

Providing secure urban transport infrastructure facilities


ITS, Smart Cities



Subway systems must work like precious clocks. No failure or even small deviations are tolerable, as they may jeopardize people’s lives.

Nowadays, high priority risks in subway systems include crime and terrorist attacks. An Access Control and Management System (ACMS) is therefore applied to prevent unauthorized access to protected areas, such as depots, technical rooms, tunnels, etc., where the infrastructure facilities require smooth, secure operation.

In this case, our switches form the ACMS backbone and network access level for end devices.



Within the ACMS, our network connects the central management system to peripheral controllers such as: biometrical terminals, entrance card readers, electrical lockers, exit/entrance buttons, volumetric sensors, and other detectors and sensors.

The network switches, interconnected with optical lines, are installed in wall-mounted cabinets equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system and equipment status monitoring (power supply, climate, switch alarms, door opening, water penetration) to ensure functionality even throughout utility failures or accidents.



In the subway system environment, devices must withstand shaking, vibrations, EMC, dust and humidity. Also, the data network must work impeccably 24/7/365. Therefore, the specific requirements for this project include:

  • Industrial design with EN50155 certification and passive cooling.
  • L3 functions in DIN rail switches.
  • Optical backbone.
  • Ring protection.
  • Redundant and hybrid power supply.
  • PoE ports for certain constructions.



All provided network devices have industrial-grade design with EN50155 certification and passive cooling for the utmost safety and reliability. Hybrid power supply (48V and AC220V in the same chassis) offers safe power supply by a reserved power system, while dual power inputs and ring topology support further protect against malicious or unexpected downtime events. The optical backbone links ensure stable, robust connections for many years to come.

Besides security, flexibility is also important for urban transport. With high port density and SFP and PoE modules to choose from, our solution can be customized to fit specific scenarios that require unique functions or limited cabling. DIN-rail mounting for L2 and L3 switches allow physical configurations with the highest efficiency.



1. EH7520 for L2 node switches
2. EHG7620 for L3 node switches
3. RHG7528 / RHG7628 for cases with higher port density requirements.


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