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May 24, 2021


According to a McKinsey report, 84% of executives see innovation as a critical factor in their growth strategy, but only 6% of them are satisfied with their own innovation performance.

When it comes to digital transformation, the most common mistake people make is believing that there is a technology that will solve your problems.

For over 30 years in the field of industrial networking, ATOP Technologies has developed cross-functional skills in the field of technologies to connect factories, but above all it has developed the ability to create tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of each customer, combining technology, knowledge of processes. and system integration.

If you want to know the potential of our solutions for your business, we are ready to integrate the latest generation switches in cutting-edge solutions in industrial automation, IoT and robotics, combining them with AI and Cybersecurity.

Tell us your ideas, together we will give them shape!

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