December 14, 2021

Slim, flat and streamlined: the ideal switch series for demanding industrial applications.

With compact, industrial-grade design, the EHG6508/EHG6510 series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in smart cities, industrial control systems and factory automation, which require compact solutions to deliver network performance.



One of the most common is for surveillance IP cameras, which are often PoE devices. Especially where large quantities of cameras are used across a wide area, a single EHG6508/EHG6510 powers multiple devices while facilitating their data flow up to SCADA or higher storage and analysis centers. 

Through easy web configuration, the network of connected devices can be segmented into different VLANs, simplifying complex networks that may cause loading and/or broadcasting issues. 

Furthermore, built-in RSTP support enables ring topologies, so whenever a link failure occurs, the EHG6508/EHG6510 ensures efficient self-healing through redundant routes, minimizing any potential loss of service.

To learn more about benefits, technical features and compliances, please refer to the EHG6508/EHG6510 datasheets.

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